Tanzania Safari Parking list

Tanzania is one of the most amazing countries in the world for an exciting and enjoyable safari vacation. Exploring nature and watching the stunning birds and wildlife can be an enriching experience as tourists reconnect with nature, learn about local history and heritage, and get a chance to relax and unwind. For your safari trip to Tanzania, here is a packing list with items that you must carry!


  • Documents

Carrying your important documents is essential and should never be forgotten. Even when you stop at different locations, make sure you still have your documents with you. These include your ID, passport, visa (if required by the country you are visiting), tickets, and proof of all bookings. It is also advisable to carry insurance information (including health insurance documents), your COVID vaccination certificate, and your driver’s license, if you intend to rent a car. 


  • Clothes

Appropriate dressing is crucial in ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable safari. You should have comfortable walking shoes, as well as those that you can wear to relax later, such as sandals and flip flops. Clothes should be lightweight so they are comfortable and minimize noise when walking. Light colored fabrics are advisable as they attract less attention. As temperatures can drop at nights, it is wise to pack an extra layer, such as a scarf, a jacket, or a fleece. To protect from the sun during the day, you must carry a hat and sunglasses to get protection from the sun. It is also a good idea to keep clothes that have pockets, so you can easily carry your items. Safari clothes should be breathable, so you are comfortable at all times. It is also advisable to wear clothes that cover your arms and legs so you are protected from insect bites and mosquito bites, as well as harsh weather conditions. 


  • Money

Tourists should carry cash, as well as credit and debit cards. These should be stored safely and they should keep an eye on them at all times. Although carrying credit cards is easier, more secure, and more convenient, it is a good idea to have some local cash in case your card does not work or you do not have access to a bank. It is advisable to have around $200 in cash while traveling. 

  • Medication

It is incredibly important to keep important medication that you might need, as everything might not be available in different tourist destinations. You should carry all necessary medicines as well as first aid items such as painkillers, gauze, bandages, gloves, masks, antacid, allergy medication, laxatives, and antiseptic ointment. You should also carry insect repellent and sunscreen at all times.


  • Other Essentials

Other essentials include items such as maps, tents, sleeping bags, umbrella, hiking equipment, and binoculars. Keeping a camera is a good idea so you can record your memories and reminisce later. Sanitizer is essential, especially after the pandemic. You should carry toiletries, soap, wet wipes, and tissues. Chargers, extra batteries, and a power bank are also essential to avoid any inconveniences. 


For your convenience, here is a checklist that you can use while packing!

  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • ID Card
  • Travel Insurance
  • Booking Information
  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Clothes
  • Extra Layers
  • Walking Shoes
  • Flip flops/Sandals
  • Masks
  • Sanitizer
  • Wet Wipes
  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant
  • Medication
  • Phones
  • Chargers
  • Batteries
  • Water Bottle
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlight
  • Sleeping Bag


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