Cultural tours in Tanzania take you to discover the countries diverse heritage. There are 120 tribes in Tanzania and because of that, Tanzania’s culture is just as varied as the wildlife in the country. The fact that these tribes have learnt to live in harmony (at least when you compare with what is happening in some of the neighboring countries) is an achievement that is often understated. Each of the 120 tribes have their own traditional dances, music, rituals, social practices, art and traditional religious beliefs.

Given her cultural diversity, Tanzania is not just about wildlife and beaches. We think that a visit to this beautiful country would be incomplete without experiencing the way of life of the people and the amazing historical sites.  By experiencing the culture of people in another country, one gets to understand their values and what makes them different. It is also an opportunity to compare these values with your own and acquire perspectives that may help change your opinion of them.

Cultural tours in Tanzania offer amazing opportunities to meet some of Africa’s most interesting indigenous tribes and historical sites. The cultural tours are often an additional activity to standard game drives, other wildlife experiences and experiencing the beautiful beaches of the Indian ocean. A remarkable development was the partnership between the government of Tanzania and the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) to develop special villages where some of the local tribal groups can offer an authentic cultural experience. Visiting these villages provides tourists with opportunities to observe and experience how the local people live life in a rural setting. At the end of the day, the proceeds are used to develop the villages while also offering jobs to peasants. The village developments are in form of building schools, water holes, health centers and reforestation. We will now begin discussing the popular cultural attractions in Tanzania but before that, you might want to read about the major tourist attractions in Tanzania.