Your Birding, Wildlife and/or Photographic Safari experience with us is a discovery of what these exciting destinations offer in terms of avian (bird life), Big game Viewing, People, Mountains and Scenery, and not forgetting the wealth of experience behind them. Come and see for yourself this greatest wildlife spectacle on Earth with terrific birding experience amidst beasts.

Your Safari with Ngao Safaris in Tanzania means:

  •  Top Local Bird guides in the region.
  • Bespoke speciality Tours
  • Solid Value for money
  • Guaranteed personal Attention
  • Unique trips to Maximize the bird Viewing Experience
  • Individual Departures
  • Scheduled Trips extentions and combined tours

We invite you to read through our web-pages in order to be able to come up with the actual desired Holiday of your lifetime. We always have one more lifer for you.

Tanzania boasts a large number of unusual and endemic bird species, and a list which nearly exceeds that of neighboring Kenya and almost equals Uganda.

Our guides believe “there is always one more bird you have never seen on planet earth”